7 Mistakes of Surabaya Car Rental Places to Avoid

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Renting in a Surabaya car rental place is convenient, but the associated costs can be confusing. If you are going to book a rental car rental, we recommend that you avoid the common mistakes described in this article. You will also know how to avoid it. Read on.

1. Extra Insurance

It's not a good idea to buy additional insurance that you don't need. For example, if you have a car insurance policy, know that it will give personal liability and collision damage in the case of a rental car rental place. Therefore, you should check it before renting a car rental so that you can refuse coverage to avoid additional costs.

2. Rent from the Nearest Airport

You may have to pay an airport surcharge if you rent a car rental from the airport. So, it's better to rent in a Surabaya car rental place from a service provider located far from the airport. Actually, it would be far more comfortable than renting at an airport.

3. Shopping Around

You should check the different car rental providers. Often, car rental costs vary based on waiting time and company. Therefore, it is not a good idea to keep using only one provider. Instead, all you need to do is compare different providers to get the best offer. Many websites can help you make comparisons from the comfort of your home.

If you are going to use Surabaya car rental services for long distance travel, you might want to consider the mileage too. Some Surabaya car rental places provide unlimited mileage that allows you to travel as much as possible at the same price. However, some may charge additional fees after you exceed the limit. So, it must be remembered.

4. Payment of Advances for Gas

It may seem easy to pay for gas up front, but know that it means paying for a full tank even if you burn half a tank again. So, it's a better idea to fill out when you travel because it will help you find a cheaper price.

5. Pay Extra

Making additional payments for car seats or GPS is an unwise idea. Often, car rentals charge additional fees for additional services, such as child car seats and GPS. GPS cost is IDR 250 / day. In some cases, this is even higher. To save money, you can use your smartphone's GPS to find directions.

6. Inspection

Some people do not check Surabaya car rentals because they are in a hurry. if you have this habit, you need to replace it or you might have to pay for damage you have never caused to the vehicle. Therefore, you should check the curves of the vehicle, scratches, tears, stains, spills, and other wear.

7. Too late

Try to always return the vehicle on time. Most service providers at Surabaya car rentals charge a daily rate of 24 hours. Even though you might get a half-hour grace period from some car rentals, not all rentals are good enough.

In short, if you are going to order a Surabaya car rental place, make sure you avoid the mistakes described in this article.

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