Airport Car Rental Surabaya You Need To Know

Surabaya is a city that is always worth a visit. Do you want to travel overland through Surabaya Juanda International Airport, or just need a rental car to get around in the city of Surabaya, you should look into car rental at Juanda Airport. It lies between the borders of the cities of Surabaya and Sidoarjo serving as the main gate. Car rental facilities at the airport are open 24 hours.

Most car rental rental agencies will not allow you to order a particular model or manufacture. They will try to accommodate you based on your needs. Tell them what you are interested in. It's always best to order online first so that the perfect vehicle will wait for you when you leave the Juanda Airport terminal. If you do not have the appropriate currency, there are many ATM machines located throughout the airport.

Most flights arrive and depart from Terminals 1 and 2, which are the main terminals. There are a number of low-cost chargers and flights flying from Terminal 1. Only on these low-cost flights, passengers may need to take transport from the plane to the terminal.

Where can you get a rental car at Surabaya Airport? Simply ride the escalator and you will find offices for these five leading vehicle rental companies in Surabaya: and Budget. It is always a good idea to ask a vehicle to rent a car with a GPS system that can be relied upon when visiting other places such as outside the city of Surabaya. Also, make sure to take a map from the car rental desk.

Although you don't have to take your own shuttle to the office, you might still need to take one to get to the actual parking lot to choose your vehicle, depending on which Surabaya car rental company you choose. The garage is adjacent to the main terminal only a short distance from the airport.

Insuring Car Rentals at Surabaya's Juanda International Airport

If you are not a genuine Surabaya person, your insurance policy may not be a car rental, so check first what is and what is not covered by your current policy. Also, if you are traveling with family and children, familiarize yourself with the laws in the city of Surabaya about child car seats.

In the city of Surabaya you must be at least 21 or 24 years old to rent a car, depending on the airport car rental company Surabaya. You may be charged an airport tax fee to rent your car at Juanda Airport. Carefully read the terms and conditions for the car rental company that you are considering - especially if you are not familiar with the law driving in the city of Surabaya. The good news is that the city of Surabaya has signs in the language and a well-maintained network of roads.

You can save on Surabaya airport car rentals by using an online discount code. Make sure certain codes or coupons are substantial before completing your order. You can also find airline ticket prices and lodging rooms by looking at online travel offers.

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